Inspection and Testing

All electrical items require periodic testing in order to make sure that they are still safe and are able to carry the voltage needed to power the device. Without routine checks, you can run the risk of the appliance breaking, or potential create a health and safety hazard. At Electrical Contractor, we are experts at inspecting and testing any electrical appliance in order to make sure it complies with all current government regulations. We can ensure the safety of your staff, your friends and your family with an inspection of your property, and with a quick test of all electrical equipment.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency lighting is vital to the health and safety of your staff, and at Electrical Contractor we can test your emergency lighting to ensure that you meet the code of practice for emergency lighting.

Emergency lighting offers a visual indicator of where to head towards in an emergency. It is also essential that these lights can be powered independently in case of a blackout. All emergency lights use a backup battery that is kept fully charged during a normal day, but in the event of a power failure, these batteries keep the light on in order to aid evacuation.

PAT Testing

As part of our inspection and testing service, we can make sure that all electrical appliances are safe to use by all current standards. Portable appliance testing, or PAT, is the check that is required on all electrical devices in order to make sure that they are not damaged and are able to carry the voltage required to run the appliance.

It is very important that any PAT tests are carried out by Electrical Contractor as they have the knowledge to make sure that the mechanism is safe to use for yourself, your family and your staff. All of your appliances should be inspected and tested at least once per year, in order to makes sure that they remain safe.